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Iron Folic Acid Tablets Ayurvedic Blood Builder

Iron Folic Acid Tablets Ayurvedic Blood Builder

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3 bottles 180 tablets 3 months pack

Herbs for Healthy Pregnancy, Monthly Cycle. 


Feel charged, all-day

  • Prevents Anaemia 
  • Boosts Hemoglobin, Oxygen levels
  • Improves chances to Conceive
  • Increase Strength & Energy
  • Helps during Pregnancy. Develops brain & nervous system of Fetus
Who should take it


Advised by Gynecs if you are:

  • 14+ and get periods
  • Planning to Conceive
  • During Pregnancy
  • Anemic or have low haemoglobin
  • Facing iron deficiency
  • Feel fatigue, weakness, breathlessness, pale skin, headache, brittle nails
Dosage & Duration


Consume Daily

  • 2 tablets before breakfast
  • Safe to consume lifelong
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