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Grocare Gastritis Kit is designed to help cure gastritis permanently.

  • Xembran - 1 Bottle of 120 Tablets
  • Stomium - 1 Bottle of 160 Tablets
  • Acidim  - 2 Bottles of 160 Tablets each

Xembran®, Stomium® and Acidim® help balance acidity & bloating by regulating pH and bile, enhancing gut bacteria & thus curing gastritis.

This kit helps to control & cure Gastritis & associated symptoms by eradicating subclinical infections of protozoan / amoebic nature as well as H Pylori. These products also help restore the stomach lining & reduce inflammation in the gut.



Gastritis is caused due to sub clinical infections (not detected by laboratory/ diagnostic tests) in the gastro-intestinal tract. These infections may be caused due to unhealthy gut bacteria or irregular food habits and / or overuse of antibiotics thus making intestines weak and sensitive.

Stomium® is a herbal product that helps to fight Protozoal & other infections in the digestive tract. It supports the natural microflora (good bacteria) in the intestine which ensures good digestion. Stomium® strengthens the stomach and intestines and builds immunity to combat sub-clinical infections.

Xembran® is a herbal bacteriostatic and bactericidal action which means it stops growth as well as kills H pylori in the stomach which is known to be a major cause for many stomach problems. Xembran® works along with the body's defense mechanism to eliminate the harmful bacteria and does not have any side effects. Acidim and Xembran® together also help to repair and restore the stomach lining.

Acidim® helps to relieve the gastric symptoms of bloating, flatulence and indigestion. Together, Xembran®, Acidim® and Stomium® help to treat Gastritis from the root cause.

Note : If the Gastritis is chronic and suffering from long time, we suggest that auto immunity caused by it must be corrected by adding Absogen - 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner. 


2 tablets Stomium® twice a day after breakfast and dinner
1 tablets Xembran® after breakfast and 2 tablets XEMBRAN after dinner
2 tablets Acidim® thrice a day after breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

For Chronic Gastritis, we recommend our scientifically proven anti-inflammatory supplement  ABSOGEN  in addition to the Gastritis Kit.  


Benefits should be noticeable within a few days of use, most commonly in the form of reduced symptoms, such as discomfort, bloating, and acid reflux.

6 months or more is a good duration recommended for the kit. The timeline can vary from person to person based on diet & lifestyle.

For best results, please follow the diet chart provided.  


Disclaimer :
With the consumption of Grocare Ayurvedic products, an individual can experience noticeable changes and relief from pain, discomfort etc. within a few weeks of its consumption.The results with the consumption of the Gorcare's kit vary entirely based on the consumer's age, diet, and the overall lifestyle they have

📍Country Of Origin : India

📍BRAND : Grocare 

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