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Endometriosis Healing Kit

Endometriosis Healing Kit

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Endometriosis Ayurvedic Treatment


Endometriosis is the aberrant of endometrial units outside the uterus. It is a complex and painful disease influencing ladies in their reproductive years. The name comes from the saying endometrium which is the tissue that lines within the uterus and is advanced and sloughed off every month throughout the menstrual cycle. In endometriosis, such tissue is discovered outside the uterus and in these zones, the endometrial tissue advances into what are called developments, embeds, knobs, injuries or tumor.

Sites :

  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Outer surface of the uterus
  • Bladder
  • Lining of the pelvic cavity
  • Sometimes on the intestines, in the rectum or the rectovaginal septum, the vagina, cervix or vulva

Signs & Symptoms :

  • Chronic pelvic pains
  • Pain during or after periods
  • Painful intercourse
  • Heavy or irregular bleeding
  • Repeated miss carriages
  • Infertility
  • Painful urination
  • Painful bowel movements

Ayurveda & Endometriosis :

In tha case of endometriosis infertility explicitly, chronic toxin aggregation in the reproductive tissue irritates the tissue into reactions that bring about the moderate collection of excess tissue . Since the collection of ama is the underlying element here, it is vital to stop the methodology of ama creation and amassing. This could be carried out through different methods incorporating: enhancing assimilation by managing the digestive fiery breakout (Agni), consuming nourishments that are sustaining and simple to process, guaranteeing legitimate disposal, and by adjusting the brain . Endometriosis is essential a Kapha problem because of the expanding development of units and congesting much as a tumor . Endometriosis can likewise be considered a Pitta problem due to the contribution of blood, hormones, and monthly cycle and in addition the provocative nature of the infection.Vata is additionally included in various ways. One is the painful nature of endometriosis which puts Vata at the middle of the imbalance. At that point, there is the inclusion of Apana Vayu in the descending development of menstrual flow and additionally the association of vata in the circulation of blood. Perhaps the most clear sign of the part of Vata is the relocation of endometrial cells from their unique area in the uterus to places outside. Hence, endometriosis is a Sannipatika condition including each of the three doshas in spite of the fact that the extent of every may differ to a certain degree consistent with the singular persistent.


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