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DXN Reishilium Powder

DXN Reishilium Powder

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DXN Reishilium Powder

- A balanced mixture of mycelium and fruit body of Ganoderma lucidum.
- This form of premixed powder mixture saves the user's time and it is suitable for adult consumers.
- Offering you another more convenient choice for consumption.

Alternative way for product consumption:
(I) To serve your nutritional shakes in the quickest and easiest way, you are recommended to use DXN Shaker.

Ingredient :
- Fruit body & Mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum.

Packaging size:
- Each bottle : 22g
- Each bottle : 70g

MAL 20031821T
Traditionally used for general health.
This is a traditional product advertisement.



Medical Principles of Ganoderma:
According to Dr Shigeru Yuji’s clinical experiments, the reason Ganoderma is effective is because of its basic functions.
Lowers cholesterol in the blood and the amount of free fat.
Reduces blood sugar level; to restore pancreas functions.
blood lipids and stabilizes red cell membrane.
Due to Ganoderma containing Adenosine, it can lower platelet angulation, and lyses thrombi and prevent thrombogenesis.
Improves the function of the cortex of the adrenal glands to maintain endocrine balance.
Elevates the natural healing ability of the body, allows the body to establish a strong immune system.
MPrevents senility, maintaining a youthful constitution.
Lowers the side effects of antihypertensive drugs.
Prevents organ degeneration.
Prevents tissue cell degeneration.
Prevents allergy caused by antigens, because it inhibits the histamine releasing mast cell.
Prevents and treats cancer and inhibits cancer cell metastasis.
Normalizes to prevent tissue degeneration.
Prevents sudden death of cancer patients caused by embolism.
Inhibits thrombogenesis and lyses thrombi on the wall of surrounding tissues and removes blockade of cancer medication, increases these drugs’ effectiveness.
Relieves pain caused by cancer.

DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder Benefits


What is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma is an herb that has been in use for more than 2,000 years to alleviate a great number of health complaints and to promote overall well being. This powerful “super herb” is actually a species of red mushroomcalled Reishi in Japan and Ling Zhi in China. Once found growing only in the wild, Ganoderma is now often cultivated in special, organic growing conditions for commercial use. Ganoderma is commonly referred to as the King of Herbs due to its healthy properties and is believed to be the most alkaline of all foods. Having an alkaline PH balance in your body will help to fight off disease and ill health, so maintaining alkalinity will go a long way toward helping you achieve optimal wellness, including your mental health.

Signs of Depression:
Many people suffer from depression without being aware of it. Here is a short checklist of the symptoms of depression:

Sadness throughout the day, nearly every day
Loss of interest in or enjoyment of your favorite activities
Excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Thoughts of death or suicide
Change in appetite or weight
Trouble concentrating
Fatigue or lack of energy
Sleeping too much or too little
Feelings of restlessness or slowness in speech thought, or action
Along with these symptoms of depression, you may experience associated symptoms of depression, including:

Aches and pains
Constant worry
Dwelling on negative thoughts
Constantly turning things over in your mind
If you experience some combination of these symptoms, you might consider giving Ganoderma a try before turning to prescription meds.

How Can Ganoderma Help Depression?

Ganoderma is a known adaptogen. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center an adaptogen is a substance that will help your body cope with stress, either physical or mental. Ganoderma may relieve fatigue and work to enhance the health of your your immune system. These immune stimulating properties have been shown to help people deal with the physical stress of illness. As for mental stress and good mental health, Ganoderma may work to improve and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and depression.

A 2005 study with results published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that Ganoderma is effective in alleviating symptoms of neurasthenia, which is a condition characterized by nervous exhaustion. The study found that Ganoderma significantly improved the study subjects sense of well being as well as reducing fatigue.

But there’s more! A 2009 study published in the Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal found that Ganoderma helps to protect the brain against neuron degeneration by reducing inflammatory damage. Ganoderma might be an effective and safe alternative to prescription drugs with debilitating side effects if you have symptoms of depression.

If you are having trouble with depression, why not look to Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet for Ganoderma, the King of Herbs? It might help!

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