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Combo: Mind + Sleep Boost

Combo: Mind + Sleep Boost

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Think better – and sleep way better – with this dual-powered combo .


Mind: Focus Mind: Focus

Sleep: Relax MintsSleep: Relax Mints

  • Regulates your sleep cycle and helps you fall asleep faster
  • Enhances relaxation for deep, high-quality sleep
  • Boosts cognitive function, reaction time, thinking skills and attention

What's inside?

Get deep, restful zzzs all night – and wake up with a clear, attentive mind. Combo: Mind + Sleep Boost contains two superhero supplements – Mind: Focus, which supports cognitive function brain power, alertness, and focus; and Sleep: Relax Mints, which relaxes your body and nudges you off to a land of sweet slumber.

Mind: Focus

Sleep: Relax Mints


A daily dose of restful sleep and enhanced mental clarity

How do I take them?

Mind: Focus

For adults: One capsule daily with meals

Sleep: Relax Mints

For adults: Take one mint 30 minutes before bedtime

What's it for?

Long hours of work giving you brain fog? When you're exposed to digital blue light, whether through your smartphone or your laptop, your eyes and brain power deal with the strain. Combo: Mind + Vision Boost enhances your cognitive function and attentiveness while protecting your vision and moisturizing tired, dry eyes.

📍Country Of Origin : India🇮🇳


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