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Ayurveda to Purify Blood & Acne-Free Skin 100%

Ayurveda to Purify Blood & Acne-Free Skin 100%

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6 months 3 bottles each 720 tablets each

Ayurveda to Purify Blood & Acne-Free Skin 100% Ayurvedic Manjishtha + Neem Tablets

Herbs for acne-free, glowing skin

  • Get acne-free, clean & clear skin
  • Removes pus filled acne, pimples
  • Flushes out blood toxins causing acne
  • Controls pus formation by eliminating excessive heat
  • Reduces acne marks, scars, black spots
  • Soothes itch & redness on skin
  • Treats root cause of skin disorders
  • Nourishes your skin from within & get relief from breakouts, lifelong!

  • Flushes out blood toxins for glowing skin
  • Turns acidic blood to alkaline nature
  • Ensures healthier skin from within
  • Treats the root cause of all skin problems.
  • Prevents skin infections in the future.
Who should use it


Anyone who wants to:

  • Reduce Acne on cheeks due to oily skin
  • Reduce Acne near jawline due to hormonal imbalance
  • Reduce Acne on forehead due to dandruff, hair problems
  • Purify blood for glowing skin
  • Get flawless, even toned skin
Dosage & Duration 
Consume Daily
  • Consume 2 tablets of each Neem and Manjishtha before breakfast & 2 tablets of each before dinner
  • Consume for minimum 6 months to get visible results
  • These tablets can safely be consumed lifelong as a perfect skincare combo for acne & pigmentation free skin
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