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Ayurveda to Achieve Stress-Free Natural Pregnancy

Ayurveda to Achieve Stress-Free Natural Pregnancy

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3 bottles 180 tablets

Ayurveda to Achieve Stress-Free Natural Pregnancy

{Herbs to relieve stress for natural pregnancy}



  • Reduces everyday stress to help you at every stage of pregnancy
  • Calms your mind and body
  • Boosts happy hormone Serotonin to elevate mood
  • Reduces anxiety, nervousness
  • Reduces feeling of tiredness, dizziness due to stress

Fertility Support:

Conceive naturally with Ayurveda

  • Helps achieve natural pregnancy
  • Strengthen reproductive system
  • Improves uterus environment
  • Supports timely ovulation
  • Improves egg growth & quality
  • Helps healthy egg implantation
  • Prevents early pregnancy loss
  • Resolve AMH issues
  • Helps solve conception problems caused by PCOS, PCOD, Irregular Periods

Embrace the Gift of Motherhood

Who should use it


Every woman who is trying to conceive should take this combo to reduce everyday stress

Take it if you have:

  • Tried all other fertility treatments but didn't work
  • Been advised IUI, IVF
  • AMH issues
  • Problem with egg quality
  • Issues with egg size & timely ovulation
  • Experienced implantation failure
  • Issues related to uterus lining
  • Want to conceive with other gynaec problems like PCOD, PCOS, irregular periods, etc
Dosage & Duration


Consume Daily

  • 2 tablets of Yaami before breakfast
  • 2 tablets of Jeehv after breakfast & 2 tablets after dinner
  • Consume for minimum 6 ovulation cycles to improve egg quality to conceive naturally
  • Once pregnant, stop consuming Yaami & Jeehv both and start with Gynoveda’s Iron & Folic Acid Tablets
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