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Ayurveda for healthy heart & fitter you

Ayurveda for healthy heart & fitter you

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Ayurveda for healthy heart & fitter you Ayurvedic Medohar Guggulu Tablets + Omega 3 Capsules

Herbs for weight loss & improve heart health 

Supports healthy weight loss & maintenance, Ensures healthy heart, lowers cholesterol

Medohar Guggulu
  • Be in your best shape & size
  • Supports healthy weight loss Supports healthy weight loss
  • Reduces fat accumulation
  • Improves digestion & metabolism
Omega 3:
  • Get your daily dose of Omega-3 for a healthy heart
  • Provides balanced levels of essential fatty acids, which help in maintaining heart health
  • Improves brain functions.
  • Daily intake of omega 3 lowers cholesterol
Who should use it


Men & women above 14 years who want to

  • Lose fat & inches
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Remain in best shape & size
  • Mainitain a healthy heart, lifelong
Dosage & Duration


Consume Daily
  • 2 tablets of Medohar Guggulu after breakfast & 2 tablets after dinner daily
  • 1 capsule of Omega 3 after dinner
  • Take this combo for minimum 6 months to see best results
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