Spirulina - Dosage & Usage

Spirulina - Dosage & Usage

How much Spirulina should you take, and when? As a dietary supplement, the recommended minimum amount is three grams daily – one teaspoon of powder or six 500 mg tablets. Since it is a pure and natural food, you may safely take more, to suit your personal health program.
Because high-protein foods have been found to increase alertness – and Spirulina is the richest whole food source of protein – it is best to take Spirulina at least four hours before going to bed. Otherwise, you can take it whenever you like – with, before, or between meals; before or after working out; or whenever your energy level is low. People often ask whether they should take all six tablets at once or take two tablets three times a day. The answer is, it really doesn't seem to matter.

Spirulina Analysis

People report feeling benefits whenever and however they take Spirulina. And since many of the nutrients in Spirulina are not water soluble and are thus not eliminated from the body by urination, taking all your Spirulina at once rather than throughout the day does not present any problems.

Many people are so used to taking synthetic supplements that they are shocked at the idea of taking ten, twenty or thirty tablets a day. However, if you think of it as eating a snack or part of a meal, then ten or twenty grams is not excessive. Body builders and other athletes often eat as much as fifty grams a day. Many people get great results by varying the amount they take. For example, if you are under a lot of stress, working long hours, or using a lot of physical energy, you may wish to increase your dose. Weight watchers may like to experiment until they find the optimum amount that helps to satisfy their appetites.

It is important to note that Spirulina is a natural cleanser and helps to eliminate toxins from the body, especially when it is first taken. A few people, (approximately 1 – 2%) may experience slight changes in there digestive systems for the first few days when taking Spirulina. These changes are always short lived, and after a few days these people are back to normal and usually report feeling better than ever due to all the positive benefits of Spirulina.

Excerpted the book SPIRULINA: Nature’s Superfood By Kelly Moorhead and Bob Capelli with Dr. Gerald R. Cysewski

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