Moringa Super Food .

Moringa Super Food .


Moringa or moringa oleifera, also known as drumstick tree, has been used for centuries, thanks to its medicinal properties and health benefits. But only recently has it gained the reputation of being a superfood. This powerful food is known to have antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. BT helps you get to know the


Rich in nutrients

“Moringa is grown in all parts of the country and is very local. Both the leaves and drumstick itself have a lot of fibre, nutrients, proteins and minerals,” says nutritionist and health coach Nidhi Nahata. Apart from this, the superfood is a rich source of amino acids, with significant amounts of vitamin A, C, and E, calcium, potassium, and protein, which makes for a perfect everyday nutritional supplement.

Not just for the body, but the skin too

Since moringa is packed with vitamin A and E, it becomes a perfect anti-oxidant powerhouse. Vitamin A is known to help in maintaining healthy and radiant skin, while vitamin E protects against free-radical damage to the skin.

Boosts immunity

Who doesn’t want a healthy body that fights off bacteria and infection? And if you are one of those who prefers to take the natural route to boosting your immunity, moringa might have the answer. “It’s an anti-oxidant packed with vitamin C, fibre and iron, which help maintain the body’s immune system,” explains Nidhi.

All you need is a Tablespoon everyday

“Just one tablespoon of moringa leaves powder has enough of vitamins and anti-oxidants for your daily needs. It is perfect for your daily vitamin and nutrient needs. Also, it is advisable to consume fresh moringa leaves, either in a chutney or as tea. There are other ways to consume it as well — you can mix it in water, daal, smoothies and also your regular wheat dough,” Nidhi says.

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